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Surgical Dentures in Red Deer

Surgical dentures are dentures that are made before all your remaining natural teeth are extracted. Impressions of your mouth are taken when your natural teeth are present. The teeth are removed off a model and replaced with denture teeth. The dentures are fabricated and are inserted at the time of extractions by the dentist or oral surgeon.

A 24-hour recall appointment is set up for the denturist to remove and reinsert the dentures for the first time. As the tissues and bone structure heal and resorb after the teeth have been extracted the dentures can become loose. Temporary relines are done in order to restore the fit during this healing time.

Red Deer Denture Clinic includes 4 temporary relines per arch as well as 1 year of adjustments with surgical dentures. All our surgical dentures are made using ivocap injection acylic and dentsply teeth to ensure the highest quality denture.

Tooth Extractions

In certain cases, it is best to have the teeth extracted prior to having the impressions taken such as due to extreme tooth mobility which makes taking an accurate bite registration difficult. In such times, we would advise you to have teeth extracted and dentures made soon after. For this reason, it is best to book an appointment and come in for a consultation where we can discuss which option is best for you.



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