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Professional Denture Services in Red Deer

Red Deer denture clinic has provided complete denture services to Red Deer and Central Alberta for over 30 years. Our staff are highly trained and well-versed in all aspects of dentures – from complete dentures to implants to repairs and relines.

We offer a wide variety of denture services in Red Deer, including: 

We offer free consultations to patients, direct billing (Certain Insurance Providers), and denture assistance for seniors. Contact us to learn more about our financial assistance.

Gingival Natualization

If you would like your dentures to look as natural as possible, please ask us about gingival naturalization. We can shape and contour natural effects into your denture to make it look as natural as possible. We can also offer gingival toning, which offers different shade of pinks to the denture base to make it look even more natural. And if a smooth denture palate isn’t something you like we can also offer rugae, or series of ridges, on the palate of the denture to feel more natural and to act as a tongue cleaner like the rugae in our natural tissue.

Why Ivocap Acrylic? 

The SR Ivocap System is highly accurate methyl methacrylate-based denture curing process. The acrylic is injected into the flask under pressure. Constant pressure is applied during polymerization. As the denture base cures the material flows consistently, and the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated. The result is a denture base with outstanding accuracy. Due to the continuous injection, Ivocap acrylic produces a dense acrylic base that is stronger and resists staining and plaque, resists odour absorption and will not attract bacteria as easily. Every denture and processed reline is done using this process in order to achieve the highest quality for our patients.

Brands we work with:

At Red Deer Denture clinic, we work with Ivoclar Vivadent and Dentsply Sirona to create our dentures.


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