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Partial Dentures in Red Deer

Partial dentures are dentures in which one or more teeth are missing. There are 2 types of partials: 

  • Cast metal partial– these partial dentures attach onto the remaining natural dentition by use of clasps and have a metal framework in order to hold the acrylic and teeth. These partials can be easily tightened and are very strong. 
  • Acrylic partial (flipper) – these partial dentures are made entirely of acrylic and fits in between a span of missing teeth. They work well in the upper arch and typical replace a couple front teeth for esthetics for a short term period.

All our partial dentures are made from ivocap injection acylic and dentsply teeth to ensure the highest quality denture.

If you have more questions or are interested in getting partial dentures, please call us to book an appointment. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about partial dentures, other types, or any other dental-related questions.



Talk and eat with ease thanks to dentures that stay in place. 

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