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Complete Dentures in Red Deer

Complete dentures are dentures that are replacing whole arches of missing teeth. These include a full upper denture and/or full lower denture. These dentures rest on the oral tissue within your mouth and will replace all of the teeth that have been lost.

We use industry-leading products on all our dentures such as ivocap acrylic and dentsply teeth in order to have the highest quality dentures possible for all our patients. We also strive to utilize some of the most advanced technology to be able to minimize appointments while capturing the most accurate impressions, bite registrations and mounting of your mouth’s models.

We understand that new dentures take time to get used to and can sometimes create sore spots. We include 1 year of adjustments with no additional costs with all of our dentures to be sure to correct any issues that present during this process.

If you’re looking to get complete dentures in Red Deer, please contact Red Deer Denture Clinic. We’re happy to help in any way we can to get you back to a smile you can be proud to share.



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