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Quality Relines and Denture Repair in Red Deer

Dentures are removable appliances that help replace missing teeth and restore your smile. A set of well-fitting dentures can help improve your nutrition, speech and confidence. While dentures are generally considered a permanent appliance that should last many years with care, they might still need occasional adjustments. With our relining services, we ensure your dentures are adjusted to fit your mouth perfectly and provide maximum comfort.


Our experienced denturist can provide you with reliable and quick denture repairs in Red Deer. That way, you don’t have to deal with the discomfort for too long. We can complete the repairs for most cracked denture bases or broken teeth in just 2-3 hours. To learn more about our denture repair and relining services, book an appointment today.


What is Relining?

Relining is a process in which the tissue fit of the denture is remade in order to fit the oral tissues accurately at the present state. Over time shrinkage of the tissue and bone can occur, which can be a result of many things, such as having teeth extracted, weight loss, medication, and overall time. All of the permanent processed relines at Red Deer Denture Clinic are done using the ivocap injection process.

Denture Repairs

We are able to do all repairs in the office to save you time. Cracked denture bases or broken teeth are able to be repaired usually in 2-3 hours with an appointment. Realignment and fit adjustments of dentures prevent excess pressure that might cause damage to the denture. It is always advisable to make an appointment with your denturist if you notice any changes in your dentures.


Why Should You Repair Your Dentures

If you noticed a crack in your denture, you should get them repaired as early as possible. Some of the reason why you should get them repaired:

  • Loose fitting denture can cause discomfort to your gums
  • Postponing a repair could potentially lead to further damage. Paying for a repair now will save you from replacing a complete set of dentures.
  • A damaged denture can make chewing food difficult


Contact Us

Don’t let a chipped or damaged denture stop you from enjoying your daily activities. At Red Deer Denture Clinic Ltd, we offer professional and reliable denture repair service so that you can smile and chew food in comfort again.


To learn more about the cost and our service, contact our team at 403-346-5604 or send us an email at



Don't wait, get it fixed today!

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